Monday, September 21, 2009

Robert Miguel Olazo's Joker

"Joker" by Robert Miguel Olazo

Robert Miguel Olazo is a senior student at DLS-CSB, taking up Multimedia Arts. Painting, Sketching are his favorite pastimes. When he was a kid, he would sketch animes and the cartoons he loved watching like Dragonball Z, Yuyu Hakusho, Slamdunk, Spawn, X-men, etc. After a time, he developed his own style.

For traditional painting, his favorite medium is oil pastel and he uses Photoshop for digital painting. His inspiration comes from old masters like Caravaggio, Munch, Picasso and Salvador Dali and modern digital/traditional artists like Susan Bennerstrom, Stephanie Neely, Michael Hussar, Andrew Jones, Marta Dahlig, Daniel Conway and Lee Bermejo.

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