Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Apol Sta. Maria's "Alamat ng Panget & Many Others"

A very interesting comics by Apol Sta. Maria -"Alamat ng Panget and Many Others".

He will be launching his book this Aug. 28,2010, 8pm at Nomnomnom,
1 Tomas Morato cor E. Rodriguez Ave. Besides Shell Gas Station.

APAMO is Available at Sputnik /Junkie shop Cubao X , Bookay Ukay sa 55 Maginhawa St.

Revolution's "Our Country Wants A Five Hundred Peso Bill"

"Our Country Wants A Five Hundred Peso Bill" by Revolution

Revolution's tribute to our former president Corazon Aquino.

Ryan Giron's "The Turtle"

"The Turtle" by Ryan Giron

It seems so basic at first but the elementary visual is a pop art to its purest sense. It is a risk to challenge the art judgment but Ryan Giron's stood by it firmly - reliving his childhood ridicules. This is a clear statement on what art is all about, his art is all about.

Ryan Giron is a graduate and a former part-time faculty of UST Fine Arts and currently a Senior Art Director in an ad agency.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gino Roberto's "Ronald"

"Ronald" by Gino Roberto

Despite his busy schedule working for an ad agency, Gino Roberto still manages to flirt with art. Here is a sample of his brand of pop art.

Philippines' Very Own Louie Cordero On Juxtapoz Magazine


A Filipino is making a mark into the international art scene. (Well, we're not sure if he considers himself as a pop artist but one thing is for sure, he is featured in this year's February issue of Juxtapoz Magazine. He just also released his "Lead Brother Bust" figure (visit

JP Cuison's "Collage Series"

"Meat Shop"

"The Pupil"


"Police Line"

"These are commissioned work for an album cover/art. But because of some uncontrollable circumstances the project didn't push through. Despite that, I'm really proud of this, especially for the fact that I didn’t use Photoshop here - pure old school collage." - JP Cuison

And Pop Art Pilipinas Was Born!

Pop Art Pilipinas is the only visual art movement in the Philippines that aims to create and recreate. It plays around with every possible medium and context the world has. Expressed by styles and techniques from the most respected cultural forms to the most mundane objects, PAP perceives life with or without attitude. It produces significant off-tangent themes that can inspire a global revolution or change a man’s ice cream flavor preference.

PAP was formed by advertising professionals with strong desire to lead and promote pop art in the Philippines.